200 Hour Online

Yoga Teacher Training

Next Starts: Sept 2021 & March 2022

with Julie Hanson, Sue Woodd, Marit Akintewe,

Jennifer Hebenton,

David Keil and John Scott


This course is for those who wish to teach Yoga or those who would like to go deeper on their Yoga journey. A real opportunity for high level extra curricular activity. For everyone it will be a year of personal evolution.

  • Foundation – start anytime
  • Semester 1 – rolling start either September or March
  • Semester 2 – rolling start either March or September


With more than 1,500 active teachers we are a successful Independent Yoga Teacher Training school always striving for high standards and connecting students with their true nature and the nature that surrounds us all.

David Keil

David Keil


Your Anatomy training is provided online from the highly respected David Keil of Yoganatomy.com.  

Jennifer Hebenton

Jennifer Hebenton

Lead Teacher

Jennifer will be your main point of contact for the course and will teach throughout the program

Julie Hanson

Julie Hanson

Director, Seasonal Study

Course Director Julie will provide all things Seasonal, Posture Workshops and Classes

Marit Akintewe

Marit Akintewe

Philosophy & Pranayama

Course Director Marit provides great insight & practical direction in philosophy & pranayama

Sue Woodd

Sue Woodd

Ancient Arts

Sue covers the connection to Traditional Chinese Medicine through the elements

John Scott

John Scott


John Scott’s 7 part tutorial series will inspire your enquiry into Yoga both on and off the mat 

The Course

AdThe main body of the course is divided into two sections we call the Yin and the Yang phases.

You may start your course with either of them depending on which dates suit you best.they will included the seasonal content, postures, yoga philosophy, pranayama, David Keil anatomy & Ashtanga modules, in a structured way being guided through each step by our online platforms and your assigned tutor.


  • 200 hour Yoga Alliance International Certificate in Hatha Yoga
  • Asana study & Posture workshops
  • Meditation & pranayama
  • Vinyasa Krama practices of Seasonal Flow
  • Yoga Philosophy, Chinese Energy work
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Online lectures and tutorials with David Keil and John Scott


Each semester includes information on how to live a seasonal life with ideas on diet, movement and lifestyle from our two very experienced founders Sue Woodd and Julie Hanson who have been teaching seasonally for many decades. You will learn how to create seasonal movement classes that include Tai Chi/Chi Kung movements and awareness of the meridians applied into yoga postures. Fundamental concepts of the seasons, like grounding in Spring and expansion in early summer, and how to apply them to your classes is also given You are taught in season so you can feel and apply the learning as you go.


Please download our course prospectus for details on your investment 



with David Keil from Yoganatomy.com. David is a world renowned teacher in anatomy and its application into yoga and has been making anatomy interesting and useful for yoga teachers for many years


We will be accessing John Scott’s 7 introductory tutorials for this course. These cover John’s concepts on the structure and function of the knee, your relationship with your centre of gravity and John’s simple yet powerful meditation technique – ‘the 5 Step Focussed 12’


A comprehensive course from Seasonal Yoga’s Marit Akintewe that has been used on our in studio trainings for over 10 years. This covers information on the history of yoga, the use of the subtle body in yoga and a full discourse on the yoga sutras of Patanjanli


Following on from our pranayama course on the basics of how the breath works to influence your state of mind. Understanding why people have adverse effects and how to support them is also discussed in combination with more advanced practices


We will guide you through the begins stages of a mindfulness practice and built up to a yogic form of practice using advaita vedantic ‘Self Enquiry’ meditation. This combines very well with Yoga theory you will learn on the course. This is a great opportunity for beginners to meditation as well as those who have practiced for years

Application Process

For an application please see the details in our downloadable prospectus

To see a full list of students we have trained see our Teacher Registry