GDPR Data Access Requests

Available Data Requests

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Right to Access / Delete

Right to Access

GDPR grants you the right to access the data that we hold on you.  By entering your email address below we can send you this information.  We do this rather than display the information here to ensure that the data only goes to you, the owner of the email address

Right to Delete

If you would prefer us to remove your details fill out your email address below and click send. On the email you receive will be a link that when you click it will take you to a ‘Delete Request’ page.  Fill out the information there and we will follow out your request.  We will notify you when we have done this

Note that if you have an existing membership with us that deleting your details will prevent you from further accessing this website (as we have no means of identifying you and knowing which level of membership you have).  There will be no refund of any remaining membership fee you consider owed to you

Right to Rectification / Data Completion

Please fill out the details below:

Rectification / Completion

I grant my consent:

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Right to be Forgotten

Please fill out the details below:

Right to be Forgotten

I confirm that:

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Right to Restriction

Please fill out the details below. Make sure you select one of the two available check boxes:

Right to Restriction

Please Restrict my Data:

Please lift an existing data restriction:

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Right to Objection

Please fill out the details below. Note that objecting to us storing or processing your data will result in its removal.  If you only wish to temporarily halt the processing of your data please consider the option Right to Restrictionabove

Right to Objection

Objection to storage/processing:

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8 + 15 =