200hr Online Course

This course is a 200 hour blended course offering online access to student training materials (Videos, PDFs, Documents and Audio) as well as timetabled classes and tutorials with course directors and tutors (using Zoom).   We also offer an online student Portal for direct access and email free communication with each other and training staff.  Course books and printed manuals will also be sent to you directly.

The starting point with us is our Yoga Elemental Foundation course that you can start as soon as your registration is completed.

£1,700.00 for 1 year

This product should give you access to Main Course material for 1 year.  You will access the course material in the Yin/Yang order


Seasonal 200 hour Online Course - This product provides you access to the 200 hour course for one year  This blended course comes with access to the course tutors (via Zoom online tutorials/classes) and via our online portal

You will begin your journey with us on our Yoga Foundation course that you can start anytime.  Foundation materials will be sent to after your initial registration

Main 200 hour course manuals and materials will be sent directly to you after the Foundation course and before you start the main 200 hour content

When you start with us you will be offered an welcome call with our course director explaining the details and structure of the course

We are also delighted to include additional training material from Anatomy expert David Keil. We are also the first school to be granted permission from Internationally acclaimed Ashtanga teacher, John Scott, to include his course tutorials in our training.


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