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A unique continual education opportunity for qualified 200hr yoga teachers

This online yoga course will help you:

  • Learn our unique Seasonal Yoga approach
  • Keep your yoga classes varied and inspiring
  • Fill your classes and retain students

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Julie and Sue

Course Overview

Change your energy, change your life

The Seasonal Yoga Conversion Course is an online yoga teacher training, designed to empower existing yoga teachers with our unique, seasonal approach to yoga teaching.

Learn Seasonal Yoga:

  • Postures for every season
  • Flows
  • Class inspiration
  • Lifestyle and wellbeing
  • Pranayama
  • Energy work 

Seasonal Yoga Conversion Course

What is Seasonal Yoga?

Seasonal Yoga is a style of flow yoga designed to align you with the changing energies of nature and the seasons.

The concept was created in 1995 by Julie Hanson and Sue Woodd as an antidote to the stress and anxiety of modern life. It combines Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts of seasonality, with a modern understanding of body movement and wellbeing practices.

Seasonal yoga have now trained over 2000 yoga teachers around the world and seasonal yoga classes continue to be a popular choice for students and teachers a like, with many reporting the life changing effect the practices have had on their life and energy.

A Structured Online Yoga Course

This advanced online yoga course is divided into small, accessible sections so you can learn in your own time, at your own pace.

To help you stay motivated in your studies, the course features optional live, online check-ins with a member of the seasonal yoga team. Here you can connect with other students on the course, discuss what you have learnt and consolidate your learning.

At Seasonal Yoga we teach in Harmony with Nature by changing our teaching content to match the Season we are in. This allows us to resonate with our surroundings and to come back to balance.

Julie and Sue

Ways to Study

 Learn your way 

There are two ways to access the course content. Sign up for the full, year long course, or buy in season.



This Seasonal Yoga Conversion Course includes:

  • 60 hours structured online study
  • 1 x optional 1 hour zoom call (by arrangement)
  • Yoga postures for 6 different seasons
  • Seasonal posture workshops with teaching points
  • Seasonal energy work and meridian lines
  • Seasonal diet and lifestyle tips
  • Seasonal Yoga and qigong flows

Included free with this course:

  • 10 live online yoga classes with Julie Hanson (worth £100)

On completion of training you will gain:

  • Yoga Alliance certified Seasonal Yoga Teaching qualification (YACEP)
  • Access to advanced seasonal yoga teacher trainings, on application (Fee for each advanced training differs POA)


Available to purchase in season for limited time period

  • 10 hours of seasonal content
  • Seasonal posture workshops
  • Seasonal Qigong and energy work
  • Seasonal Diet and Lifestyle tips
  • Seasonal Yoga Nidra script
  • 2 free live on line classes with Julie

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For each individual season

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All Seasons


With more than 1,500 active teachers we are a successful Independent Yoga Teacher Training school always striving for high standards and connecting students with their true nature and the nature that surrounds us all.

Julie Hanson

Julie Hanson

Director, Seasonal Study

Course Director Julie will provide posture workshops, classes and wisdom on all things Seasonal.

Sue Woodd

Sue Woodd

Ancient Arts

Sue covers the connection to Traditional Chinese Medicine through the elements

Our Guided Courses are taught by Julie Hanson and Sue Woodd

Our two co-founders,  Julie and Sue, have over 50 Years teaching experience between them and approach Seasonal Yoga from two perspectives.   Sue comes with a deep background in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) while Julie has a lifetime background in Flow Yoga and the fitness industry.  Putting these East and West aspects together brings Seasonal Yoga to life and captures the benefits and harmony of both together.

What people are saying about the seasonal conversion

Holistic Learning Experience:

The course offered a unique perspective, deepening my understanding of Seasonal Yoga while refining my teaching skills. The holistic approach to seasonal living became a transformative guide, not just for my practice but for enhancing my role as a yoga teacher.

Sarah, Nov 2023

Evolutionary Growth:

The course not only expanded my knowledge of the intricate details of Seasonal Yoga but also nurtured my personal growth. It has been a year of continuous evolution, aligning my teaching with the rhythm of the seasons and fostering a deeper connection with nature.


A Bridge to Mastery:

For any 200-hour qualified teacher seeking mastery in Seasonal Yoga, this course is the perfect bridge. It provided a wealth of tools, resources, and insights, enabling me to infuse the essence of Seasonal Yoga seamlessly into my classes

Jane, Jan 2024

Grateful for this transformative experience that has not only deepened my practice but has illuminated new dimensions in my teaching journey. 


Amazing opportunity to embrace a natural life changing journey which is full of self discovery.

Fiona, Dec 2023

I know for sure that I will be “ referencing and using this material
both myself and my students every season and every year from now on. I love the material and of course the more you put it into practice and revisit it year on year, the more you learn and absorb. There is so much information you have provided – I love it


Absolutely fantastic course with equally fantastic guidance and support from Julie (and Graeme…!) I am loving it. The amount of time and effort that has gone in to the content of this course is amazing. OmYoga Magazine were definitely correct when they named this one of the best online courses!


As a 500 hour teacher I found the course enjoyable, interesting and useful. And the support I got from the Seasonal Yoga team was excellent. The course has benefitted me both in terms of my personal development and as a teacher. I have several extra strings to my bow! I now teach Season- al Yoga in all my classes and my stu- dents love it.


Grow your yoga business with our seasonal conversion

Imagine if 70% of people who tried your classes kept coming back. Wouldn’t that feel great?

The key is giving people a good reason to come back, without exhausting yourself trying to re-invent the wheel everytime you teach a class. Our seasonal conversion for yoga teachers is designed to do just that.


Student retention averages 18% – 30% over 12 months

” The concept of season-based yoga appealed because it was relevant, we all feel different through the changing year but there’s little guidance on how to adapt teaching practices and why.

This course addressed the balance holistically…It wasn’t “just yoga” as a form of exercise but as a way of life. 

The interwoven teaching of Chi `Gung was also new and exciting. Chinese medicine and philosophy have so many common touch points with yogic and Ayurvedic principals. It offered the ability to broaden knowledge using science-based evidence and yogic philosophy. This done without engaging in a bespoke and perhaps overwhelming new course. 

The ability to do the course in “chapters” was appealing- working a job and teaching yoga need time juggling skills. The course construction meant a short interval of in-depth study-then time to embed the practice for 2 months and then move to the next-rather than continuous course that time constraints would have made challenging. 

The videos were on point, the downloads carried into class, the explanations made sense in today’s world. Still the course referenced the history and connection to ancient teachings maintaining the authenticity and respect of the traditions.”

– Sangeeta, 2022

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For each individual season

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